You can rake in trillions in the metaverse

You can rake in trillions in the metaverse

McKinsey management consultants are fascinated by the Metaverse and believe that people, companies and everyone else should dive into it as soon as possible. Corporations in particular, because by 2030, $5 trillion would be moving in and through the metaverse.

The Internet is full of hot IT news and stale Pr0n. In between there are always gems that are too good for /dev/null.

Yes, trillion, you read that right, in a US English blog entry McKinsey writes “$5 trillion”. How did the management consultancy come up with this fantastic sum? According to its own statements, it surveyed 3,400 consumers worldwide on the subject, and two thirds of them said they were “excited”.

Enthusiasm or excitement are probably expressions of feeling that Americans tend to like to show and that people who are culturally differently influenced may also put into their mouths. In this country, translated for emotionally rather cooled minds, adjectives such as “interested” would be appropriate.

Apart from that: Did the respondents even know what they were being asked about? What is this metaverse anyway? Have you ever felt, seen, tasted or walked on it? Did you know it’s an immersive 3D environment where you could interact with others through avatars? Unfortunately, McKinsey does not write that.

That could make you skeptical. Similar to the result of a survey by the TÜV Association on the subject of “Security and Artificial Intelligence” (PDF), in which 48 percent of the average person surveyed said they could “essentially” explain AI. Even experts would not find it easy to explain “essentially” what AI actually is. Just recently, a think tank postulated that “artificial intelligence,” “AI,” and “machine learning” are PR fantasies that merely suggest machines can “think.” She now wants to dispense with such terms. And while we’re at it, are Catholics present? Can any of you explain what “Corpus Christi” is actually about?


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