WoW: An AI tells a slightly different Shadowlands ending …

Some of the WoW fans are not particularly satisfied with the character development of Sylvanas and the end of the Shadowlands story arc. The end of the expansion officially goes like this: The heroes defeat the jailer, who apparently actually wanted to be a “good guy”. Sylvanas is condemned to itto wander through the gorge. Anduin was freed. The souls that come to the shadow land of the dead are judged fairly again. Tadaaa!

Many Warcraft lore characters now have a little breathing space until the release of WoW: Dragonflight. And they can regret and atone for everything that happened to them. What the future will bring them… who knows? But what if the end of Shadowlands were different? WoW fan and Redditor Locust377 claims to have asked an artificial intelligence to write an alternative ending for the Shadowlands plot. And that … turns out to be significantly different! Take a look for yourself below!

Sylvanas is the hero!

First of all: With all of Locust377’s AI gimmicks, it is unknown which key data the person fed the artificial intelligence with.

But the most prominent result of Locust377 Shenanigans sounds like this: “The final fight against the Jailer turns out to be a trap and the heroes are captured. The Jailer reveals himself as Sargeras and tortures the heroes for information about Azeroth. Meanwhile, Sylvanas succeeds Windrunner escapes and she gathers Horde and Alliance forces to launch a counterattack. The combined might of the Horde and Alliance is sufficient to push back the Jailer’s forces, and Sargeras is eventually defeated. Without their leader, the forces fracture of the Jailer together and the heroes can save their allies. In the aftermath, Sylvanas is celebrated as a heroine for her role in saving Azeroth and is named the Horde’s new Warchief.” And, do you like this alternative ending better?

Sylvanas is the bad guy!

On top of that. Another alternate ending provided to Locust377 goes like this: “In this alternate ending, Sylvanas succeeds in her plan to destroy the Lich King and take over his army. She then turns her attention to the Alliance and the Horde, trying to destroy both of them. With the power of the undead at her disposal, she almost succeeds. But in the end, the combined forces of the Alliance and the Horde manage to defeat Sylvanas and end her reign of terror.”

The Black Dragonflight is the bad guy!

Surprised by the capabilities of the AI, Redditor Stormproof is a little apprehensive about what the tool may well prophesy for our future Dragonflight adventures: “The Dragonflight expansion for World of Warcraft (buy now ) Picks up where the Cataclysm expansion left off: the dragon Deathwing has been defeated and the world of Azeroth is in a state of recovery. However, it soon becomes apparent that all is not well, as strange dragons appear and attack both Horde and Alliance settlements. As the player character investigates, he discovers that these dragons are actually members of the Black Dragonflight who have been corrupted by a powerful dark force. Using the remaining members of the Red Dragonflight, the player confronts and defeats the leader of the black dragons and restores peace to Azeroth.” Hmm… a bit… boring, isn’t it? But maybe “boring” is, too just what one or the other WoW fan desires.

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