What should be the unique selling point of Apple’s mixed reality headset

What should be the unique selling point of Apple's mixed reality headset

The first generation of an augmented reality headset from Apple is anything but officially confirmed, as rumors about the second version are already circulating. The display manufacturer LG is said to be preparing to deliver the micro-OLED screen panels for this. In another rumor, however, it became clear what a unique selling point of Apple glasses could be.

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from Taiwan writes on Twitter that what is special about Apple’s headset is the smooth transition between augmented reality (augmented reality, AR) and virtual reality (virtual reality, VR). Manufacturing the hardware that enables both is one thing, says Kuo. The other is the ability to switch between the two scenarios.

The combination of hardware and software has always been one of Apple’s strengths in the past. That’s why he always speaks of mixed reality (Mixed Reality, MR). Kuo, who is primarily sourced in Apple’s supply chain, expects the first headset to hit stores in Q2 2023.

According to Kuo, the second generation of the headset from Apple should be lighter and faster and have an improved battery, Kuo announced at the turn of the year. This major development step after the first generation would not be unusual for Apple. The iPhone and iPad also made a big leap with the second model at the time. According to media reports, the first model will have 14 cameras. Before the WWDC developer conference, there was speculation that Apple might already be giving out initial information. This was not the case, but at the same time there are possible clues in the software.

According to a report by Korea’s electronics industry branch service The Elec, LG Display is preparing to deliver the primary second-generation micro-OLED panel. A coating system has already been ordered for this purpose. LG wants to replace Sony, whose panel is to be used in the first Apple glasses. However, since Sony also has plans to release a headset with its Playstation games console, Apple may be inclined to give the contract to LG. The company is already represented in the first version with an outdoor display.

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