watchOS 9: What’s changing for runners

watchOS 9: What's changing for runners

Apple will give the new version of its Apple Watch operating system a number of new fitness functions that should be of particular interest to runners and walkers. The run tracking will be significantly expanded and new features will be added.

In addition, Apple will collect more sensor data within watchOS 9 in the future – or has improved its algorithms so that this is possible for the first time. The watch now measures step length, ground contact time, average power in watts and the so-called vertical oscillation. You can also set heart rate zones and the so-called pacer, which makes announcements about the current run, has been expanded – both via audio and via display on the computer clock screen.

You can also compete against your best run so far, or alternatively your last run, to check whether there are positive training effects. Running workouts can also be self-configured to have fast phases and recovery segments. Triathletes will also appreciate the fact that the watch can automatically switch between running, cycling and swimming.

When running, the watch will show several screens that can be adjusted. Apple has already preconfigured five heart rate zones. All of the data is saved in the workout details in the fitness app and can be checked later.

Unfortunately, the number of values ​​to be displayed simultaneously on the watch display does not seem to have increased, so you have to scroll or swipe to get to the next screens. It is correspondingly interesting how large the configuration options are. watchOS 9 not only fulfills a few wishes of runners: The operating system finally comes with a more extensive sleep tracking function, which should also be able to distinguish between sleep types – REM, core sleep time, deep sleep. Until now, these features were completely missing and could only be found in external apps.

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