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UserTesting (NYSE: USER), a leader in video-based human insights, today announced enhanced instant insight capabilities powered by machine learning that help organizations accelerate test-level human insight analysis and get to insights faster. The UserTestingⓇ Human Insight Platform uses data automation and proprietary models to identify patterns and anomalies in customer data and automatically reveal high-value insights within customer experience narratives. The latest product updates are designed to help companies uncover key customer perspectives faster, so team members understand where to focus their efforts for greater success. In addition to English and German, UserTesting is now available in French, and customers can test in French with access to French-speaking attendees.

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UserTesting’s Instant Insights accelerates time to key customer insights by using data-driven automations and machine learning (Graphic: Business Wire)

New features in this product version:

Discover patterns and key insights faster with instant test-level insights

UserTesting’s test-level instant insight feature uses data-driven automation and machine learning models to accelerate post-test analysis by automatically detecting patterns, anomalies, and key insights in customer data across multiple tasks and sessions. This allows customers to quickly gain important insights from their tests without having to deal with lengthy post-test analysis.

Intuitively navigate and collaborate with UserTesting

UserTesting’s redesigned navigation gives customers easier access to core functionality with a new user interface, folder management, easily accessible resources, and a workspace switcher. Thanks to the updates, the process of testing and managing insights becomes more intuitive and accessible to a broader team, and allows for scalability for growing teams across different organizations. Additionally, IT departments can now seamlessly manage team access with self-service and single sign-on, providing greater governance for enterprise-wide deployments.

A revamped card sorting experience

Within the UserTesting Human Insight Platform, UserTesting has enhanced its card sorting capabilities, allowing users to view video feedback alongside card sorting metrics, gaining a full understanding of participants’ mental models with this streamlined solution. Businesses can create navigation or sitemaps based on customer expectations and behaviors, and describe categories to improve engagement. In this way, companies can save costs and adapt to rapidly changing customer needs or changes in their respective business areas by receiving timely feedback on how digital objects are organized and used.

En français … User Testing

UserTesting is now also available in French for both customer and participant experiences. Businesses that want feedback from French-speaking consumers can now do so with the UserTesting Human Insight Platform, since tests can be conducted in French with French-speaking participants. This enables companies to address and reach more people around the world.

Supports native video/audio tests

For organizations looking to test sensitive media content more efficiently, UserTesting enables customers to securely and directly upload audio, video, and other media assets to the Human Insight Platform. Businesses can easily gather feedback from participants on unreleased content, such as video and audio files, before making them public.

“It’s more important than ever for companies to know how their customers are feeling and why. UserTesting is constantly innovating its platform to help companies generate actionable insights so they can make smarter and faster business decisions,” said Kaj van de Loo, CTO at UserTesting. “With UserTesting’s data-driven automation, customers can accelerate the analysis of video feedback so they can make decisions faster than ever. With the platform, companies can optimize the use of human insights and better understand what drives customer behavior and how to adapt to any market changes.”

UserTesting will host a webinar on August 3rd at 11:00 am Pacific Time and 2:00 pm Eastern Time on its latest product release. Register for the webinar here.

About user testing

UserTesting (NYSE: USER) has fundamentally changed the way businesses get insights from customers with rapid opt-in feedback and experience capture technology. The UserTesting Human Insight Platform accesses our global network of real people and generates video recordings of experiences so everyone in an organization can directly ask questions and hear what users are saying, see what they mean and understand what it’s really like, to be a customer. Unlike approaches that track user behavior and then try to deduce what that behavior means, UserTesting takes the guesswork out and brings customer experience data to life with human insights. UserTesting has approximately 2,500 clients, including more than half of the world’s 100 most valuable brands according to Forbes. UserTesting is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Learn more at

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