Tuesday: Tech companies against deep fakes, chatbot develops awareness

Tuesday: Tech companies against deep fakes, chatbot develops awareness

Google, Facebook and Co. must take action against deep fakes or they risk EU penalties. The previously voluntary EU code of conduct will be tightened. Disinformation should not be a source of income, says the responsible EU commissioner, and wants to stop the financing of fake news. An employee of the Google Group has meanwhile been put on leave because he had vehemently claimed that the chatbot LaMDA was conscious – the most important reports in a nutshell.

Of the EU Code of Conduct was given the fast-paced Spread of fake news on the internet 2018 on a voluntary basis been introduced. But it could now be over with the voluntariness. The tech companies Google, Facebook, Twitter and others risk hefty fines in the futureif they take no action to Fight deep fakes and fake accounts on their platforms. This was reported by the Reuters news agency, citing sources familiar with the matter. The updated EU Code of Conduct could be published this week. Punishment threatened: Tech companies must take action against deep fakes

One could almost think that this is a reaction to the EU announcement against fake news: Google has released a software engineerwho has asserted with increasing force that a corporate AI algorithm has a consciousness and a soul. Because nobody at the tech company shared this belief, the employee in question handed over documents to the company Chatbot called LaMDA to a US Senator, claiming that Google discriminated against his religious beliefs. A day later he lost his job. Has chatbot LaMDA developed consciousness? Google furloughs employees

Bluetooth signals can be “fingerprinted” to track smartphones (and therefore people).. This has now been shown for the first time by research by a group of scientists from the University of California in San Diego. The identification is therefore essentially based on Imperfections in the Bluetooth chipset hardwarethat to a “unique physical fingerprint” leads. Carrying out tracking attacks, however, is a challenge. Smartphones can be identified and tracked using Bluetooth signals

After a series of failures the US company Astra Space announced last November the first successful rocket launch made. Another launch succeeded in mid-March. Of nine attempts, however, these were the only two successful ones. Now is in Cape Canaveral another rocket launch from Astra Space failed. Two satellites belonging to the US space agency NASA were lost. Astra Space: Again NASA satellites lost in rocket launch failure

Some market observers saw one in Bitcoin & Co. despite extreme fluctuations in value Protection against devaluation of classic currencies like the dollar. This picture has now changed completely. At the start of the week, the Bitcoin price is temporarily at the lowest level since December 2020 favor. On Monday, the price of the cryptoasset dropped temporarily in early trading on the Bitstamp trading platform below the $25,000 mark. Since hitting a record high of $69,000 in November, Bitcoin plummeted by more than 60 percent. The turnaround in interest rates in the USA and Europe is causing problems for Bitcoin. Bitcoin continues to fall – at times its lowest level since December 2020

Also important:

  • Thunderbird for Android is coming – and it’s already here, because the email client will be based on K-9 Mail. This app is completely integrated into the Mozilla project. K-9 Mail becomes Thunderbird for Android


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