This is how Bitcoin & Co. develop in the afternoon

Krypto-Marktbericht: So entwickeln sich Bitcoin & Co. am Nachmittag

At 17:11, Bitcoin is worth $22,605.35. The course in the afternoon is 0.56 percent higher than the day before ($ 22,605.35).

After hitting $126.18 the previous day, Bitcoin Cash was up 0.67 percent to $127.02 on Tuesday afternoon.


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In addition, Ethereum appreciates at 17:10. It is up 2.08 percent to $1,226.04 from $1,201.08 the previous day.

In addition, the Litecoin course is on the upswing. As of 5:11 p.m., Litecoin is up 5.05 percent to $45.23, down from $43.06 the day before.

Ripple is also up 2.68 percent to $0.3179. The day before, the rate was $0.3096.

Cardano is also growing. The Cardano price increased by 8.76 percent at 17:10 to $0.5019 after Cardano was worth $0.4614 the day before.

In addition, Monero gave way on Tuesday afternoon. It’s down -6.15 percent to $123.67. The previous day, the Monero rate was $ 131.78.

Meanwhile, the IOTA rate rose 3.22 percent to $0.2619. Yesterday, IOTA was worth $0.2538.

Meanwhile, Verge barely moves. On Tuesday afternoon, the Verge price was $0.0030, the previous day’s value was $0.0030.

Meanwhile, Stellar price is barely moving. At 17:11, $0.1128 is reported, which is the same as the previous day’s rate.

Meanwhile, the NEM course is hardly moving. At 17:10, $0.0394 is reported, which is the same as the previous day’s rate.

Meanwhile, the Dash course is on the up. Dash is up 3.21 percent to $43.29 from $41.94 yesterday.

In addition, NEO revalues ​​at 17:10. It is up 1.05 percent to $9.858 from $9.755 the previous day.

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