The Bitcoin course crashes – what happens next? We asked three crypto experts

Krypto-Experten: Timo Emden, Philipp Sandner und Elisa Spiess

Crypto experts: Timo Emden, Philipp Sandner and Elisa Spiess
Collage: Dominik Schmitt / Emden/ /Frankfurt School Blockchain Center / filo /Namthip Muanthongthae / Spiess Getty Images

Bitcoin price has fallen more than 60 percent since November. One bitcoin is currently worth around 21,000 euros. What happened and what’s next?

According to crypto expert Sandner, there are several reasons for the crash. Among other things, the Ethereum update is causing uncertainty. Interest rate hikes are also playing a role.

“Some investors are currently deciding between sitting out their losses or cashing in on the remaining book profits,” says analyst Timo Emden. Against this background, investors should brace themselves for “further downside risks”.

A price was reached that many Bitcoin fans never thought possible: Bitcoin is worth around 21,200 euros on Tuesday. This is the lowest level in a year and a half. In November, the price was still 56,000 euros. This corresponds to a minus of around 62 percent.

This is how the Bitcoin course has developed for a year

How did the Bitcoin crash happen?

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