Tesla loses its autopilot and AI expert Andrej Karpathy

Andrej Karpathy is leaving his long-time employer Tesla. As head of AI, he played a key role in important functions of electric cars.

After a month-long hiatus, chief AI developer Andrej Karpathy is leaving the electric car manufacturer Tesla. Karpathy announced this on Twitter. Thanks came from Tesla boss Elon Musk. Karpathy wrote on Twitter: “It has been my great pleasure to help Tesla achieve its goals over the past 5 years.” It was a difficult decision for him to part with the company.

According to Karpathy, he has no concrete plans for the time after Tesla. Except to spend more time with his longtime passions artificial intelligence, open source and education. Tesla CEO Elon Musk responds to Karpathy’s tweet. “Thank you for everything you’ve done for Tesla. It’s been an honor to work with you.”

After a break of several months

Born in Slovakia, Karpathy played a key role in the development of the autopilot for the electric car manufacturer’s vehicles for more than five years. A team of senior machine learning scientists and developers reported directly to him.

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