Söder accuses Scholz of “technical nonsense”.

Söder accuses Scholz of "technical nonsense".

Nuclear fuel rods procurable after all?
Söder accuses Scholz of “technical nonsense”.

CSU boss Söder wants the lifetimes of German nuclear power plants to be extended. Chancellor Scholz’s objection that new fuel rods are missing he dismisses as “technical nonsense”. They can be obtained “everywhere in the world”. The Greens describe this as “outrageous”.

CSU leader Markus Söder has accused Chancellor Olaf Scholz of spreading false arguments in the debate about a temporary extension of nuclear power. It was “technical nonsense” to say that there were no fuel rods available for the nuclear power plants, Söder told journalists after a meeting of the CSU board of directors in Munich. “They can be obtained anywhere in the world, all European neighbors do it” – it is inexplicable why Germany should not succeed.

Scholz had told “Münchner Merkur” that if it were possible to extend the life of nuclear power plants by one or two years without any problems, hardly anyone would object to it. Referring to experts, the SPD politician said the fuel rods would only last until the end of the year. “According to these statements, getting new fuel rods takes twelve to 18 months – at least.” That’s why nuclear power isn’t going to help now.

Söder, on the other hand, said there were “no arguments – apart from purely ideological Basta arguments – not to extend nuclear power, at least until this crisis is over”. The CSU boss spoke out in favor of extending the terms until 2025. In addition to problems with the gas supply, he also expects a power shortage.

Söder criticized the entire federal government. This must take people’s concerns much more seriously. “Basic needs such as food, heating, groceries and jobs are under pressure,” said the CSU chairman. Therefore, a concept for the next few months or maybe years is now necessary. First of all, it must be made transparent what the consequences of a possible gas emergency are. It must be clear who will have the gas throttled or even switched off.

Nouripour considers Söder’s proposal to be “clearly ideological”

Power plant operators and the Association of German Engineers (VDI) had questioned the usefulness of short-term service life extensions in the past: it takes at least a year and a half to procure fuel elements. In addition, the necessary staff had already been reduced.

The Greens described the proposals of the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder as “outrageous”. The party leader of the Greens, Omid Nouripour, said: He would “recommend Söder to speak to those responsible in the companies before he really makes suggestions beyond all facts”. What Söder is doing is “clearly ideological and, to be honest, outrageous”. Nouripour also pointed out that fuel elements could not be procured in the short term.

“Our energy security is threatened by the way the Russian side is not only waging war, but now using gas as a weapon,” said the co-leader. In such a situation it is “not nice, but feasible” to keep coal-fired power plants running. The continued operation of the three nuclear power plants, on the other hand, is simply not feasible.

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