Saxony: Germany’s first drone airport is being built here

Kamenz – The future is in the air. And hums softly…

Because drones are soon to take over freight transport in Saxony! And the 3D-Aero network, an association of scientists from Dresden, Chemnitz, Zwickau and Zittau-Görlitz and municipalities, districts and companies, is planning Germany’s 1st drone airport for this!

3D Aero spokesman Peter Pfeifer (65): “He comes to the greater Dresden area. If all permits are in place, construction could begin in 2023. Negotiations with a major investor are ongoing, so we still have to keep the exact location secret.”

i.a. Transport drones with a carrying capacity of up to 100 kilograms are to take off and land here

Photo: © building planning Adriana D´Angelo

The network is still located at Kamenz Airport… The Saarland construction planner Adriana D’Angelo designed the vertiport (vertical airport) – largely made of wood and with e-charging stations not only for the drones, but also for cars and buses on the ground floor . There will also be offices and a café.

Up to 120 drone flights a day could be handled, each transport drone could transport up to 100 kilograms.

3D Aero speaker Peter Pfeifer

3D Aero speaker Peter Pfeifer

Photo: Dirk Sukow

The test flights will start this fall: blood and tissue samples (up to 4 kg) will be flown in containers with a drone from the Bautzen hospital to Dresden. Instead of an hour by car, the drone (60 km/h) is there in 30 minutes.

Later, packages, fertilizers and heavier loads are also to be transported with the mini planes (the drone controls itself using artificial intelligence and has fall protection on board). “Further Vertiport inquiries have come from Brandenburg, Lower Saxony and Hamburg,” says Pfeifer.

A DJI Inspire 2 drone that will be used to transport blood and tissue samples in the fall

A DJI Inspire 2 drone that will be used to transport blood and tissue samples in the fall

Photo: Dirk Sukow

Germany’s first drone airport could be finished in 2025 and offer new jobs for 40 people. Total investment: 9 million euros.

Pfeifer: “Autonomous flying is an enormous opportunity in structural change for our region.” That is why the network is also researching custom-made drones with non-flammable batteries and special transport containers.

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Source: WANA via Reuters


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