Riems: East prime ministers rely on hydrogen technology

Riems: East prime ministers rely on hydrogen technology

Status: 06/13/2022 5:55 p.m

The Prime Ministers of the East German federal states and Federal Chancellor Scholz met on the island of Riems today. The talks focused on securing and expanding the energy supply in the East, medical care in rural areas and the associated shortage of skilled workers.

The meeting also focused on the rising energy prices in the countries as well as energy security and supply. Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD) renewed the call to the federal government for further relief for citizens. The results of the consultations are to be recorded in a “Riems Declaration”.

Schwesig wants to focus more on hydrogen technology

Energy was one of the main topics on the island of Riems. At the press conference that followed, Schwesig emphasized that eastern Germany was already far ahead when it came to expanding renewable energies, for example it already produces more wind power than it consumes itself. A further expansion of wind and solar energy is just as important as the acceptance of this by the citizens and the associated fair grid fees.

In addition, one must become more independent of fossil energy, independent of Russian oil and gas. Hydrogen technology is said to be a solution to this. Which is why the East German federal states and the federal government will form a lobby on the subject of hydrogen technology. There should also be start-up financing, but no amount was mentioned.

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Transition without gas and oil not possible

However, Schwesig continued to emphasize that there cannot be a transitional period without gas and oil. Of course, that should no longer come from Russia, but from other countries. The connection between Rostock and Schwedt in Brandenburg should also be used for this purpose. The Lubmin distribution network is also to be examined as to how it can be used for this purpose and also for hydrogen technology.

Securing and expanding medical care in rural areas

Another major topic was medical care in rural areas. Due to the sparse population in East Germany and demographic change, the issue of skilled workers, also through immigration, is more important than ever. Together with the federal government, they therefore want to consult at a specialist conference in autumn.

Scholz: “Professionals in transformation”

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) emphasized in his speech that Germany is in the midst of a “major transformation”, but that the citizens of East Germany are “experts in transformation” with regard to the time after reunification. In addition, it is already evident that eastern Germany is one of the most attractive economic regions in Europe.

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