Razer Stream Controller: Streamdeck competitor with 6 knobs costs 270 euros

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With the Stream Controller, Razer wants to offer content creators and streamers an all-in-one solution for creating and sharing content. The use of different input options is intended to raise the functionality of the input device over that of the Elgatos Stream Decks, but this is also noticeable in the price.

Razer promises full streaming control

The stream controller is intended to support live streaming, for example via Twitch or YouTube. According to Razer, the product simplifies multitasking in different programs, allows quick access to frequently used or important functions and simplifies everyday streaming with shortcuts and recordable macro sequences. Common examples are starting or stopping a stream at the push of a button, turning a camera on and off, muting the microphone, playing sound effects, or interacting with chatbots.

But the controller also offers plenty of functionality for content creation apart from live streaming. A total of 12 haptic switchblade buttons, 8 action buttons, 6 analogue and tactile rotary controls and two small LCD touchscreens on the flanks of the control panel can be found on an area of ​​151 × 102 mm. What all input options have in common is their complete programmability.

Razer provides the action buttons for switching so-called workspaces, which in turn define which functions and macros are available via the 12 switchblade buttons in the middle. Alternatively, swipe gestures are also supported. The rotary controls, in turn, are suitable for adjusting and mixing different soundtracks, according to the manufacturer.

Broad software support thanks to Loupedeck substructure

The Stream Controller has predefined profiles for live streaming, content creation and other application scenarios ex works; there are also plugins for Twitch, OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, Spotify, Philips Hue and Razer Chroma, for example. Thanks to 80 icon packs, the input device can be extensively tailored to your own requirements.

Razer Stream Controller (Image: Razer)

Razer worked together with the Finnish manufacturer Loupedeck for the software – so it is ultimately not surprising that the Stream Controller is ultimately to be understood as a Razer-printed variant of the Loupedeck Live, which has been available since autumn 2020. The manufacturer apparently licensed the technology for Razer.

Not more expensive and still more expensive

In view of this, it may come as a surprise that the Razer imprint does not go hand in hand with a price increase: both the Loupedeck Live and the Razer Stream Controller cost around 270 euros according to the recommended retail price. Nevertheless, the input device is more expensive than all Elgato stream decks, which are currently available in the Mini, MK.2 and XL versions from around 75 euros, 145 euros and 225 euros respectively. However, these only offer 6, 15 or 32 switchblade keys.

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