Nvidia 3D MoMa: Create 3D objects at lightning speed with AI support

Nvidia presented its 3D MoMa method in more detail this week. This is a technique for quickly creating 3D objects to work with in graphics engines. The manufacturer demonstrated 3D MoMa using instruments at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR) 2022.

The method would be suitable for accelerating the workflow for architects, designers, concept artists and game developers. The imported objects can be extensively manipulated, for example to change the scale or the material or to experiment with different lighting effects. It is also about the so-called inverse rendering, which aims to create 3D objects from 2D photos. This is a significant challenge.

The video shows you quite well how this can work. In the clip, for example, you could create a 3D model of a trumpet from 120 photos. According to Nvidia, they are working on making the creation of 3D models easier and easier with the help of machine learning and AI. It’s also about keeping the files as compatible as possible so that they can be seamlessly inserted into popular game engines, 3D modeling tools, and movie rendering software.

Via Nvidia Omniverse z. For example, the material of the models created can also be exchanged: a plastic trumpet can then be made into a more elegant model made of gold. Nvidia also describes the technologies behind 3D MoMa in more detail in this blog post.

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