Nothing phone (1): A look at the Android smartphone

Nothing phone (1): A look at the Android smartphone

The Nothing phone (1) is almost upon us. So far, not much information about the smartphone is known. Nothing’s big launch event is scheduled to start on July 12, 2022. At 5 p.m. they want to come up with all the details about the new smartphone as part of a live stream from London and they also promise that it will not just stay with the smartphone. However, according to Nothing, the phone (1) is the most important device for the planned own ecosystem. The Nothing phone (1) will be available from Deutsche Telekom, among others. In the room is a price of 500 euros.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, who is behind the company, has been drumming for the device in recent weeks – and there is currently also a photo of the Android smartphone, but you can only see the back with the dual camera setup of a transparent model. Would go with the Nothing ear(1). Let’s see if we can move something on the market – apart from the usual “start cheaply, build up a base, bring many unnecessary models onto the market and make them more expensive”.

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