most business sectors ready for the use of artificial intelligence :

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Artificial intelligence is still in its early stages of use for everyone. However, most large companies are increasingly implementing artificial intelligence within their corporate departments to “touch” the extraordinary benefits that this technology offers.

Although we don’t know exactly how artificial intelligence and machine learning can impact business activities, here are the 10 business departments ready to use artificial intelligence.

(Digital) Marketing

If your company doesn’t use artificial intelligence in marketing, you’re already behind. Artificial intelligence can not only help develop marketing strategies , but it is also essential to implement them.

If you can already profile customers based on interests or demographics through AI, you can further target ads to users based on browsing history, making it a fundamental tool to offer customers what they want exactly when they want it. .

Another way that AI is used in marketing is through chatbots . These robots can help solve problems, suggest products or services and support sales. AI also supports marketers by analyzing consumer behavior data faster and more accurately than humans. These insights can help companies make changes to marketing campaigns to make them more effective or to plan them better for the future.


There is certainly a side of selling products and services that is uniquely human, but artificial intelligence can be an extra weapon for sales professionals. Artificial intelligence helps improve sales forecasts , predict customer needs and improve communication . And smart machines can help sales professionals better optimize their time and identify when the best time to convert a sale is.

Research and development

What about artificial intelligence as an innovation tool? It can help us build deeper understanding models in almost all sectors, including healthcare and pharmaceutical, financial, automotive and other industries, while collecting and analyzing huge amounts of information efficiently and accurately .

This and machine learning can help us research problems and develop solutions we never thought of before. Artificial intelligence can automate many activities, but it will also open the door to new discoveries, ways to improve products and services and carry out activities. Artificial intelligence helps research and development activities to be more strategic and effective.

Information Technology

Also called AIOps, AI for IT operations is often the first experience many organizations have in implementing artificial intelligence internally. Gartner defines the term AIOps as ” the application of machine learning and data science to the problems of IT operations” . Artificial intelligence is commonly used for analyzing IT system log file errors, with IT system management functions and for automating many routine processes.

It can help identify problems so that the IT team can proactively resolve them before any IT system crashes. As the IT systems supporting our businesses become more complex, AIOps helps IT improve system performance and services.

Human resources

In a business sector that includes the word “human”, is there room for machines? Yup! Artificial intelligence really has the potential to transform many human resource activities  from recruitment to talent management. Artificial intelligence can certainly help improve efficiency and save money by automating repetitive tasks, but it can do much more. For example, Pepsi used a robot, Robot Vera, to phone and interview candidates for open sales positions. In addition, AI can help human resources departments make data-driven decisions and facilitate candidate screening and the hiring process. Chatbots can also be used to answer many common questions about the company’s active policies and benefits.

Contact Center

An organization’s contact center is another business area where artificial intelligence is already in use. Organizations that use AI technology to improve rather than replace humans with these tasks are the ones that are incorporating artificial intelligence in the right way. These centers collect a huge amount of data that can be used to learn more about customers, predict customer intent and the next best possible customer action for better customer engagement. The unstructured data collected by the contact centers can also be analyzed by machine learning to discover customer trends and thereforeimprove products and services.

Plants and Offices

Another way that AI is already working in companies today is to help facility managers optimize the use of energy and the comfort they work with. Building automation, the use of artificial intelligence to help manage buildings and control lighting and heating / cooling systems , uses IoT and computer vision devices and sensors to monitor buildings. Based on the data collected, the artificial intelligence system can adjust the building systems based on the number of occupants, time of day and more . Artificial intelligence helps facility managers improve the building’s energy efficiency.


Heineken, along with many other companies, uses data analysis at every stage of the production process from the supply chain to inventory monitoring on store shelves. Predictive data analysis can not only anticipate demand and increase or decrease production , but sensors on equipment can predict maintenance needs . Artificial intelligence helps to report problem areas in the production process before they create expensive downtime or unexpected outages for damage or breakage. The intelligent computer vision part can also support the quality control process in production plants.

Accounting and finance

Many organizations are finding cost -effective solutions and more efficient operations by appealing to artificial intelligence in the workplace and, according to Accenture Consulting, the automation of mechanical processes can produce surprising results for the accounting and financial sector. The “human” professionals of accounting and finance will be freed from repetitive tasks in order to concentrate on higher level activities while the use of AI in accounting will reduce errors.

Customer Experience

Another way that AI and big data are used in business today is to improve the customer experience. The luxury fashion brand Burberry uses big data and artificial intelligence to improve sales and customer relationships. The company collects buyer data through loyalty and reward programs which they then use to offer tailored advice if customers shop online or in physical stores.

More generally, the innovative uses of chatbots or avatar assistants or intelligent voice assistants of various types online and offline are and will be the main way to offer an innovative and above all extraordinary customer experience.

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