Moderna founder: Artificial intelligence should enable “preventive measures”.

The US company Apriori is currently developing a kind of early warning system for upcoming corona variants. With the help of artificial intelligence, the problem is to be solved that mutations can only be analyzed afterwards. The AI ​​platform is called Octavia and can also “enable the development of variant-safe vaccines and antibody drugs,” according to Flagship Pioneering, which finances the startup Apriori.

According to the credit agency North Data, one of the bosses of Flagship Pioneering is entrepreneur Noubar Afeyan. According to Afeyan, he is the co-founder and chairman of the board of directors of Moderna, the “pioneer company for messenger RNA vaccines to combat the global COVID-19 pandemic”.

Better preparation for virus mutations through artificial intelligence?

50 million dollars have already flowed into Octavia. The company’s goal: Better preparation for mutations. Preventive measures are possible. Based on data and using machine learning, Octavia models how each variant would behave in the real world.

In addition, the AI ​​platform identifies the variants that “pose the greatest potential threat,” according to a statement from the investor. In addition to working with companies, the start-up apparently also aims to cooperate with governments. Octavia can provide a basis for “real-time” decisions and policies “in the field of public health”.

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