Million scam with “OneCoin”: FBI puts Ruja Ignatova on wanted list

Washington (USA) – She’s pretty, she’s smart – and pretty smart! The German-Bulgarian Ruja Ignatova (42) is a billionaire fraudster and on the run with her mega booty. Now the FBI is hot on their heels.

The law graduate with a doctorate, along with accomplices, tricked millions of investors with their cryptocurrency “OneCoin”. “We want to become the largest cryptocurrency in the world – bigger than Bitcoin,” exclaimed Dr. Ignatova in 2016 to thousands of enthusiastic people at London’s venerable Wembley Stadium. Investors just threw her the money.

Only months later, the Bulgarian, who likes to call herself a crypto queen, went into hiding. And with it, an estimated four billion euros have disappeared. The LKA Düsseldorf and the public prosecutor’s office in Bielefeld are feverishly looking for the billionaire fraudster. In Germany alone, she stole 88 million euros.

Now the German investigators have a more than strong partner at their side. Because the powerful FBI is also interested in the whereabouts of the plant rip-off who grew up in southern Germany: With her scam she also cheated people in the USA.

That’s why the FBI put the crypto queen in second place on their most wanted list of the ten most wanted criminals! A list that already included terror prince Osama bin Laden and bank robber John Dillinger – and they were hunted down.

The FBI wanted posterPhoto: FBI/Mega

In addition, the FBI offered a handsome reward of $100,000 (around €95,000) for information leading to Ruja Ignatovas Carry out seizure, on her head. But be careful: Federal agents warn that the inventor of the fraudulent cryptocurrency “OneCoin” probably has armed guards or accomplices.

The 42-year-old has been in hiding since October 2017 and her whereabouts are unknown. She disappeared after a trip from the Bulgarian capital Sofia to the Greek capital Athens, where she was last seen and where her trace is lost. Target investigators from NRW who have been trying to track down Ruja Ignatova since 2020 have also been unsuccessful.

With the stolen money, Ignatova financed a life of luxury with expensive villas, a super yacht, Rolls-Royce and art treasures. Ignatova is rumored to have millions of euros in cash hidden in her properties.

The billionaire scammer was born in Bulgaria, grew up in southern Germany and studied law

The billionaire scammer was born in Bulgaria, grew up in southern Germany and studied lawPhoto: Paul Hampartsoumian/Shutterstock

A public search is also running through Interpol and Europol in 194 countries. A reward of 5,000 euros is being offered for information leading to the capture of Ruja Ignatova. Telephone number: 0211-9396644

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