Media solution Jellyfin 10.8.0 released

Media solution Jellyfin 10.8.0 released

In this article we presented the open source Jellyfin, for many an alternative to solutions like Emby or Plex. Jellyfin is server software that allows consuming content about them in apps or the web. In addition, there are various added values ​​such as automatic downloading of ratings, information and other things for your series and films.

Jellyfin gets its metadata from a variety of online sources such as B. The Movie Database (TMDb). As a standalone server, there is no subscription model like Plex, and Jellyfin does not use an external connection or third-party authentication for any of its functions. You are responsible for user rights etc.

Since Jellyfin is related to Emby, some clients for that platform are unofficially compatible with Jellyfin. Jellyfin has been around since 2018, released as a result of the closure of Emby’s open source project.

Now the Jellyfin 10.8.0 version has been released. It should be noted that the innovations are more in the details. You can find the changelog itself here. The CUDA-based tone mapping for NVIDIA solutions and the Intel tone mapping support for Windows are certainly worth mentioning. If you want to try a demo of Jellyfin before downloading it, click here.

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