Maidesite SC 1 Pro: Height-adjustable desk tested

Maidesite SC 1 Pro: Height-adjustable desk tested

Now a matter of course for many: working in the home office. Home is the temporary or permanent workplace and in the best case scenario it should already be comfortable and well set up. It is well known that when sitting for a long time, you should take regular breaks and stretch your legs. Alternatively, standing desks or height-adjustable desks can help. As someone who has been working from home for years, I have to say that sitting down is of course very comfortable. You really have to force yourself to stand and get used to it. But it shouldn’t be about my sensitivities, but about the impressions I was able to gather with the Maidesite SC 1 Pro.

Let’s start with the technical data of the desk. The Maidesite SC 1 Pro relies on a table top of 1.60 meters x 75 centimeters. That’s already a size that fits my 27-inch iMac and a 34-inch monitor without looking too bulky. Of course there are smaller models or larger ones – or people who just get frames and screw on the plate themselves. The height-adjustable desk can handle up to 120 kilos, my hardware doesn’t weigh that much, everything fits.

I found the table particularly interesting because of the retro style. The record does not come to you in one piece, but in three individual elements that are quickly put together. In the middle you have a black main part with a cable outlet. The two outer parts look like old wood. However, this is not really old wood, instead they rely on a sticker. Otherwise there is a privacy screen at the back, which can be useful if the table is used in open spaces or if people are sitting in front of you. It is also practical for hiding cables, but more on that in a moment.

The Maidesite SC 1 Pro relies on two lifting columns that are raised or lowered by two motors. There is also a remote control to operate the desk with a weight of over 50 kilos. You rely on a control that is also available with similar solutions: LED touch-screen keyboard, manual control or presets set by you, child safety and anti-collision system so that you don’t crush anything when shutting down.

Setting up the Maidesite SC 1 Pro is quick and easy. A German-language manual is included, the company says it takes around 20 minutes to set up. Pro tip: Get a helping hand and plan more time. The processing of the metal components is good and there are no defects such as poorly deburred edges or the like. The holes are all clean and when pushed together in the places where they belong. Screws can be screwed in well, everything was fine.

What I noticed during daily use and is a mention for evaluating the desk – in bullet points:

The motor whirrs smoothly when lifting or lowering. It’s not uncomfortable or even annoying. Evenly and smoothly. So the coffee cup can stay where it is.

There is no cable catch. In principle, you can use the flap in the middle for monitors or lamps and then let the cables run down into the frame, where the power supply for the motor is also located. Personally, I didn’t think it was solved that cleverly. Maidesite calls the PSU frame with its cover under the desk “Cable Management System”. Of course you can put a socket in there and plug things in, but that doesn’t fit with some devices that have their power adapter on the plug.

The flap at the top of the desk with running cables would have visually disturbed me, and it would not have been a feast for the eyes at the bottom of the back either. Here I misused the rear view protection. I attached a power strip to this. All devices are connected to this, so I only see a single cable that runs to the socket. Everything else is behind the privacy screen. The Maidesite SC 1 Pro does not have classic round cut-outs, only the mentioned flap in the middle.

The keyboard unit has a USB port that you can use to charge your cell phone or other devices. You can do it, but I just put a power strip with USB ports between the monitors, because I always have something to do or charge.

The keyboard offers four memory locations on which you can store the sitting and standing height. So a tip on your number is enough and the desk adjusts itself accordingly. It’s really nice, since my son sometimes sits in the room and thus has his own setting. I would like something like that for our car. The table can be adjusted from a minimum of 72 cm to a maximum height of 120 cm.

The anti-collision is adjustable, so you have three levels: very sensitive, medium and least sensitive.

Maidesite specifies 35 millimeters per second for the lift mechanism for the SC 1 Pro on the website. I let the desk go from 77 centimeters to 1.11 meters in 12 seconds. It is therefore minimally slower, but includes the slower start/stop.

The transitions of the three modules of the table top can be felt, but it is not uneven so that something would wobble.

The “wood” of the tabletop is covered, but by no means looks cheap.

There is a wake up reminder – you can adjust it as follows: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or off.

A kind of conclusion: The Maidesite SC 1 Pro is a solid, height-adjustable desk that didn’t show any major weaknesses in my test. If I had to complain, the lower cable duct could perhaps have been made a little larger. I also found something for the inner monk: when the desk is used as a standing desk, it retracts to my set height of 77.1 cm at the touch of a button. It’s also programmed. But if I manually shift further down and then up again, I end up at 76.9 cm. So it’s missing a little bit of height, which doesn’t bother us in practice, but remains a mystery.

The table top is of course a matter of taste. Here I would advise people with do-it-yourself ambitions to maybe just look for electric frames that offer enough load capacity, speed and stability. But be careful: Even good table tops can cost a lot of money.

At Amazon there are technically almost identical models from the manufacturer without a table top for less than 300 euros. That’s an okay price for what’s on offer. Of course, there are plenty of alternatives, the key data, material and processing are often similar. The Maidesite SC 1 Pro is currently on sale for 459 euros.

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