Machine Learning with TensorFlow: The webinar series from Heise

Machine Learning with TensorFlow: The webinar series from Heise

In June and July, Heise offers an introduction to the topics of artificial intelligence and deep learning with the webinar series “Machine Learning with TensorFlow”. In a total of 16 hours of practical instruction, interested parties learn how to work with the leading machine learning library TensorFlow and use it to implement their own data science projects.

At the beginning of the webinar series, there is an in-depth introduction to the topic of deep learning. It will be shown clearly and with the help of practical examples how new AI models can be implemented, trained and saved with TensorFlow. On the other dates, the possibilities that TensorFlow offers will be presented in detail. Among other things, it is about how to use neural network layers, build data pipelines and use callback methods. Particular attention is also paid to the wide range of extensions with which one can access pre-trained models or use other ready-made solutions, for example for visualization. The final step is the use of TensorFlow Extended (TFX), with which your own models can be brought into production and used – if you know how to do it.

The data scientists Philipp Braunhart and Moustapha Karaki will lead through the webinars. Both have many years of expertise in the development of machine learning pipelines and, with their agency, have gained experience and best practices in a wide variety of industries.

Each webinar is structured like an online training course. In addition to clear explanations and live coding, practical exercises are also used in which the participants can try out the techniques themselves. There is also plenty of room for questions and interactions in the virtual classroom. The topics in detail:

The webinars have a duration of four hours each and take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Participation in a single webinar session costs €169. If you want to book all four webinars at once, you can save a lot with a combined ticket for €495 compared to buying them individually.

If you want even more for your money, you can also secure an annual subscription for the heise Academy learning platform. This also costs €495 and, in addition to the complete webinar series, includes access to over 90 other online training courses per year – and more to many video courses on professional IT topics.

All participants can not only look forward to a lot of practice and interaction in the webinars, but also have the opportunity to repeat and deepen what they have learned with all the recordings and materials afterwards. Questions are answered directly in the live chat and participants can also exchange information on the topic with each other.

Subsequent access to the videos and exercise materials is included. Those interested can find more information and tickets on the website of the webinar series.


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