Machine Learning: How the Freenet Group uses data to optimize offers

Machine Learning: How the Freenet Group uses data to optimize offers

The subscription customer base of the Freenet Group has over 8.8 million customers. That’s a lot of profiles to personalize the customer approach with algorithms. Sang-Geon Cho from the Freenet Group gives an update on how the data project has progressed.

Anyone who has ever looked for a new tariff for their smartphone knows how many tariffs and additional options mobile phone companies offer. This makes it difficult for the customer to make a choice and for the seller to give advice. This is exactly where the Freenet Group’s data-based “Smart Pricing” application comes in.

Exaring AG operates, a digital television platform. The largest single shareholder of Exaring AG is the Freenet Group.

Mobile communications is the core business of the Freenet Group. The group includes different brands such as the two mobile communications providers Klarmobil and Mobilcom-debitel (in the future Freenet), but also television offerings such as Freenet-TV and the digital entertainment platform In the mobile communications segment alone, the company has almost 7.2 million customers.

In January 2021, INTERNET WORLD reported on the beginnings of a data and analysis project at the Freenet Group. A good year later we knocked on the door of Sang-Geon Cho, Vice President Data & Intelligence of the Freenet Group, and wanted to know what had become of the “Data Workbench” that he had set up at the time.

In 2020, the group laid the foundation for data-based customer communication and built a platform for collecting and evaluating customer data. “Smart pricing has become a key application of this data workbench,” says Cho.

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