GPS drone at Aldi: The discounter makes a powerful showing with these deals

If you’ve always wanted a drone, you should grab it now. Aldi’s online shop offers a high-quality quadrocopter drone at a great price. Here you should now strike quickly!

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The GPS drone QC-90

Drones are not only very popular with model aircraft pilots and hobby photographers! The discounter Aldi now also offers a welcome and particularly inexpensive alternative to the popular and expensive DJI drones. For 129 euros you get the >> GPS drone from Maginon now strong 35 percent cheaper. Attention, price in the nosedive – however that applies Offer only from June 30th and only while supplies last.

>> Here you can find the foldable GPS drone QC-90 at Aldi <<

The Aldi drone can do that

You control the GPS drone QC-90 conveniently with the supplied remote control. With the integrated smartphone holder, you can use your cell phone as a display and follow the footage of the drone live in the stream. So you can enjoy an impressive Ascension Day in razor-sharp HD recordings!

Since the drone is equipped with GPS, it will automatically find its way back to you at its starting point thanks to the return-to-home function. In addition, she can use the follow-me function to follow you wherever you go without you being behind the wheel.

The high battery capacity allows the drone to hover in the air for over 17 minutes. The quadrocopter, camera, remote control and Co. come in one chic carrying caseso that the drone is always ready for use.

Drones from DJI and Co. At Amazon

Top dog DJI offers with the >> drone mini 2 also offers a super-high-quality drone in a foldable format. Even at a reduced price 425 euros the drone is equipped with a particularly stable 3-axis gimbal. However, the Mini 2 does not offer GPS capabilities.

Drone beginners and young pilots can find the >> foldable drone by Holy Stone for 249 euros a very cheap alternative. Equipped with GPS and a long-lasting battery, however, photo enthusiasts will miss the gimbal as a camera stabilizer.

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