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With the takeover of Fitbit, Google has not only secured a lot of know-how in the smartwatch sector, but also a supposedly stronger competitor for GoogleFit brought into the house. The prospects for the fitness app aren’t great, but now there’s an important signal for the continued existence of the product: Google Fit is getting a new logo that integrates even more elements from the fitness area.

google fit logo

Google Fit is one of the platforms that actually fits very well into Google’s ecosystem and has great potential, which is only just being tapped into – if at all. There has been no further development in sight for several years and a sword of Damocles has been hovering over the platform since the Fitbit takeover. But maybe Google actually wants to operate two completely separate fitness platforms, as has been officially emphasized several times.

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Now a new logo for Google Fit has appeared, which has been hiding in the new Wear OS for a long time and has not yet officially appeared in the Android app. Even in the mini view (second screenshot) you can see that the border of the heart logo is no longer complete. Instead, there are two gaps, but they are by no means randomly placed and the color scheme should also change somewhat compared to the current version.

The areas colored green and blue have changed color and the yellow area nibbles off a little more area from the red sheet. But it is also interesting to take a second look at the logo and look for the meaning.

google fit new logo

Basically, the designers stick to the heart shape, which is still clearly recognizable. But the two gaps create a route that could be understood as a racetrack, especially in a fitness app. This also gives the app a new meaning for the logo. Because although fitness and the heart go together quite well, I would rather associate the heart with a health app. Now you have the heart and the race track at the same time – but that’s not all.

Check out the yellow and blue areas, which are certainly not in a hook shape by accident. This fits well with the goals that Google Fit sets and should be achieved by the user. This then also explains why the yellow area has grown somewhat in size. Both the track and the checkmarks could theoretically have been random, but I don’t believe that.

A new logo doesn’t necessarily mean a great future, but at least it now seems much less likely that the app will be discontinued in the foreseeable future.


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