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Google’s designers are busy and have fully updated the next app: These days, the Google Contacts App a major update bringing the new Material You theme to each listing’s profile pages. There they say goodbye to the classic dividing lines and instead focus on demarcated areas. The FAB also disappears.

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The Google Contacts app is very central, at least as a platform, and is therefore of great importance. A new design for managing all contacts hasn’t been available for a long time, so the adaptation now discovered in the Android app can already be seen as the first step into the next generation. This becomes clear in the detailed view of individual contacts, which now uses Material You fields instead of dividing lines.

google contacts material you update

You can see the changes in the comparison image above. The areas are separated by the color selected by Material You. There is also a new “Contact Info” area, which summarizes the most important contact options and is therefore the first. In addition, labels and other information also have their own area. It is also noticeable that the Floating Action Button (FAB), which was previously placed at the bottom right, has disappeared and is replaced by a small edit icon at the top edge.

The new design has a different effect, but since nothing has changed functionally or structurally, all users will certainly find their way around quickly.

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