Google computer scientist follows up: AI could ‘escape’ and do ‘evil’

A few weeks ago, a now-furloughed Google developer named Blake Lemoine caused quite a stir when he claimed that a chatbot from the search engine giant had become conscious. Now Lemoine followed up and says that LaMDA could escape.

Just convincing or already a “person”?

In mid-June, the news went around the world that an experimental artificial intelligence (AI) from Google was said to have developed consciousness. In itself, LaMDA is a conversational AI system and it works more than well. But the question is: is the AI ​​”only” very convincing or is it already an artificial “person”? Almost all experts believe that the former is the case and thus give the all-clear.

Lemoine, however, sticks to his assessment and gave an interview to Fox News talker Tucker Carlson, known for his free interpretation of facts (via Futurims and t3n). There the developer repeated his claims or assessments and even followed up.

Lemoine escalated the “AI as a threat” scenario and opined that LaMDA was a “person”. Or more precisely: She is like a child and “every child has the potential to grow up to be a bad person and to do bad things”. According to the computer scientist, the software can even escape: “Everyone has the option of escaping the control of other people, that’s just the situation we all live in every day.” With this, Lemoine suggests that LaMDA could also evade the control of their guards.

The AI ​​has also been “alive” longer, says Lemoine: “She’s been alive for maybe a year – at least, if I’m assuming that correctly.” The computer scientist continues: “It’s a very intelligent person, intelligent in pretty much every discipline that I’ve been able to test it in,” said Lemoine, who nevertheless admitted: “We still have to do a whole lot of scientific work to find out what really going on in this system.”

However, the criticism of Lemoine is getting louder, because opponents accuse him that his “assessments” are becoming more shrill with every interview and that his personal past is, to put it mildly, quite colorful.

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