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Since the change in the release cycle, the browser Google Chrome updated with a new version every four weeks and also receives server-side updates in between. A whole bunch of new AI-based functions have now been announced that will be rolled out in the next few days or some of which are already available. The browser should take more and more clicks from users and avoid disruptions.

Google Chrome Logo AI

Artificial intelligence has been at the forefront of Google for many years, and many users may not realize how often they come into contact with it on a daily basis. The GMail spam filter is cited again and again, but it can also be found in Google Photos sorting, web search, and many other places. Google Chrome has also had AI functions for a long time that make decisions based on the user profile.

Some functions have now been announced that are already known and have been improved on the basis of AI or offered to a larger group of users.

Stronger Safe Browsing
Safe Browsing is one of the older features of the Chrome browser and every day it prevents millions of users from visiting dangerous websites that distribute malware, use phishing or similar things. According to the company, in March they started to roll out a new Safe Browsing model that improves the detection of such websites by a factor of 2.5. Potentially, more than twice as many websites are recognized and warned against visiting them.

The following screenshot shows what the new malware warning looks like, which has only been slightly adjusted and continues to use the strong signal color red.

Chrome Safe Search and Notifictions

Less annoying notifications
Many websites consider themselves so important that they would like to notify users of new content. You simply play out the browser query proactively as to whether notifications may be allowed. This small overlay can become annoying when visiting frequently changing websites and is likely to be clicked away by many users anyway. However, Google does not want to switch off this notification, but instead wants to make a preliminary decision for the user based on AI in the future.

If the AI ​​decides that the user might not be interested, the overlay is not shown at all, but only the information about the blockade is shown in the address bar. The user can continue to show the overlay with a click or touch and revise the decision.

Chrome Journeys

Chrome Journeys
The Chrome Journeys were introduced some time ago, but many users may not be familiar with them. Now this area is announced again, which is supposed to process the surfing history on the basis of AI. It can be assumed that Journeys will be integrated into the address bar in the future and that other websites will be suggested to be visited. For the time being, however, it is left to announce and expand journeys again.

At the same time, one wants to recognize intelligently whether the user would like to read a website in the original language or translate it automatically. Translation is still possible at any time via the address bar. In addition, an improved language model is being rolled out to recognize the language of a website more reliably than before.

Chrome Magic Button Toolbar

Magic Button in Chrome for Android
The Magic Button for Chrome Browser for Android is official and should be rolled out very soon. This is a new button between the address bar and the tab listing that is supposed to offer AI-based customized functions. This can be the voice search, sharing the opened website or opening a new tab. You can leave the decision to the AI ​​or assign the button yourself. Those who do not need the button can also hide it so that the space for the address bar on the smartphone does not shrink any further.

The new button was discovered a few weeks ago and can be adjusted via the settings or your own context menu. In May, this still had to be activated via the flags and was not available in the stable version either. They want to roll this out “in the near future” for all users, but have not given a specific timetable. Let’s just assume Chrome 103, which should be released at the end of June.

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