Gas crisis – Isar 2 near Munich: Germany’s largest nuclear power plant can continue!

Germany’s largest nuclear power plant, Isar 2 (90 km northeast of Munich), could run longer according to BILD information!

The existing fuel rods will be sufficient for an additional 2.25 billion kilowatt hours of climate-friendly electricity until spring 2023! Enough to supply 1.73 million people with electricity for a year.

With 12.07 billion kilowatt hours of electricity produced last year, Isar 2 was the largest nuclear power plant in Germany and, according to its own statements, ranked third worldwide.

Problem: Climate Minister Robert Habeck (52, Greens) apparently does not want to. According to BILD information, his ministry rejected the operator’s offer to produce the remaining electricity.

Isar 2 could be operated even longer with new fuel rods and produce climate-friendly electricity – these would only have to be procured on the world market. The power plant is said to be state-of-the-art in terms of technical and safety aspects.

A spokeswoman for BILD: “As soon as the government signals to us that Isar 2 is needed, we will try everything to enable safe continued operation.” This signal has not yet been received.

FDP politician Michael KrusePhoto: Georg Wendt/dpa

FDP energy expert Michael Kruse (38) calls for a nuclear power summit with operators, suppliers and politicians “to discuss the framework conditions for the continued operation of nuclear power,” he told BILD.

And further: “If the operators say that it is possible, we have to discuss the topic again – especially when it is obviously wrong that the German power plants cannot continue due to missing fuel rods. In the current situation, no options must be ruled out. On the contrary: we have to look for solutions and alternatives. And nuclear power can be one.”

Also TÜV report says: Isar 2 can continue

TÜV Süd also came to the conclusion that continued operation would be possible. This emerges from a report reported by the DPA.

According to a TÜV report commissioned by the Bavarian Ministry of the Environment, a restart of Block C in Gundremmingen is “possible from a technical point of view”.

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