EW analysis – AMD – pure drama!

  • Advanced Micro Devices Inc. – WKN: 863186 – ISIN: US0079031078 – Price: $74,100 (Nasdaq)

AMD stock has experienced a complex wave over three decades 2 form. A double correction wxy was trained by the market acrobats and delivered in the decisive wave y a bullish wedge in the waves abcde.

Course development in the monthly chart (log. candle chart display / 1 candle = 1 month)

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Due to the dramatic target price, the right wave level was already at that time 1-2 expected the wave 3 still running today. The wave 3 will be in the subwaves 1-2-3-4-5 expected.


The AMD share was able to rise from USD 2 to USD 150 and has been in the correction wave since then 4.

I wish you every success in your decisions and do not get into difficulties, this inevitably leads to wrong decisions.

André Tiedje – Elliott Wave Expert, Technical Analyst and Trader at GodmodeTrader.de

Course development in the monthly chart (log. candle chart display / 1 candle = 1 month)


The author is invested in the discussed securities or base values ​​at the time of publication of this analysis.

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