Elon Musk: Too fat, not successful enough – Papa Errol blasphemes!

Too fat and too unsuccessful |

Papa Errol blasphemes about Elon Musk

There are phrases that a son doesn’t want to hear from his father…

Elon Musk’s (51) father Errol (79) in a bizarre interview with the Australian radio show “ The Kyle & Jackie O Show‘ said a great many such sentences. Musk Sr. isn’t proud of Elon, finds him too fat and claims he doesn’t think he’s successful enough.

Elon Musk revolutionized the electric car with Tesla, is at the forefront of the race for space tourism with SpaceX and is also the richest person in the world with assets of around 270 billion dollars.

Doesn’t papa Errol feel any pride? “No. You know, we’re a family that’s been doing a lot of things for a long time. It’s not like we started all of a sudden,” claims the patriarch, who made a name for himself as an engineer.

In fact, Errol Musk is more proud of his son Kimbal (49). Elon’s biological brother (has a restaurant chain and is worth around $700 million) is Errol’s “all pride and joy. “

Kimbal Musk is his father’s “pride”.


Elon seems to be the problem child for Errol. The Tesla founder is exceptional, but “Elon is not as happy as he would like to be. He would have liked to have been where he is today five years ago. In our family we think in stages of life. He’s still a little boy to me, but he’s 50, so he’s an old man.”

Before Errol can finish his thought, interviewer Kyle Sandilands interrupts him and asks his guest if he wants photos by Elon with a cheese-white torso on vacation in Greeceb has seen. Papa Musk: “I’ll tell you what, Elon is really built very strong, but he eats very badly”. He even recommended that his son take diet pills.

Dad is a ‘terrible person’

The relationship between Elon Musk and his father has been cracked for years. In an interview with the “ Rolling Stonehe described Errol as a “terrible person.” As a child he suffered from his “malicious manipulations”. The Tesla boss even accused his father of being a criminal: “He committed almost every crime imaginable. He has done almost every evil thing you can imagine.”

Musk did not explain exactly what crimes the patriarch is said to have committed. But Errol himself believes his son has never forgiven him for shooting three people who broke into the Musks’ Johannesburg apartment. “I did what I had to do,” he defended in an interview with the “ DailyMail”.

Jana Bezuidenhout was four years old when Errol Musk married her mother

Jana Bezuidenhout was four years old when Errol Musk married her mother

Photo: janaloves_life/Instagram

Most recently, Elon Musk was shocked that his Father secretly fathered another child with his own stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout (35). Errol was married to her mother Heide for 18 years.

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