dm: Cash registers are working again! Software errors caused branches to close

dm: Cash registers are working again!  Software errors caused branches to close

The serious problems with card payments had only just been resolved – on Tuesday then problems at the dm cash registers again: A software error in the cash register systems made payment generally impossible, so that several branches in Germany remained completely closed. According to the company, the problems have since been resolved.

Locked doors in many dm stores – and this time the customers apparently couldn’t even pay in cash. Photos of hastily erected signs in front of the branches circulated on Twitter.

So also from Freiburg. On a sign in front of one of the markets in Breisgau, customers read the following: “Dear customers, due to a cash register failure and the fact that we cannot collect your purchases, we cannot open our branch at the moment! The specialist department is working flat out on a solution! We ask for your understanding.” Customers in Berlin, Rendsburg and Leipzig also reported: Nothing works anymore!

As dm boss Christoph Werner explained in the early afternoon, the IT specialists quickly found the cause of the problem and corrected the error. How many markets nationwide were affected by the breakdown remained unclear when asked. It was also not communicated exactly what problems there were when checking out.

The Leipzig branch on Grimmaische Strasse was also temporarily closed on TuesdayPhoto: Torsten Pauly

There are technical problems with DM nationwide

It was not possible to pay at the checkout – apparently it was in the “My dm” appPhoto: Torsten Pauly

At the end of May it was temporarily not possible to pay by card. At that time, supermarket chains throughout Germany were also affected. The cause was a software error in a widely used card payment device.

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