DJI Mini 3 Pro: Highly sought-after – and still quite inexpensive

The popular drone manufacturer DJI recently launched its new Mini 3 Pro – and it’s already sold out almost everywhere. We’ll tell you where to look for supplies and where you might be able to have one yourself soon!

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Small but nice – the new DJI mini drone

only in May 2022 DJI has launched a brand new mini drone with the Mini Pro 3 – obviously with huge success! Because the new DJI model is already sold out in numerous shops, especially in combination with the RC controller, which is also new. No wonder, because the powerful drone is the perfect accompaniment to capture the summer vacation.

Order DJI Mini 3 Pro: You could be lucky here

As far as availability is concerned, the DJI Mini 3 Pro is already competing with the PS5. Either the drone is simply not available – or you have to wait weeks for delivery. Nevertheless, it is worth keeping your eyes open and regularly to check availabilities, so as not to miss a restock at Amazon and Co. Besides the standard package, you should too keep an eye on the set with the new DJI remote control.

Besides Amazon, you should too media market Always keep an eye on it, because the retailer also has the drone in stock from time to time – whether to order or to pick it up at the next store.

Alternative: DJI Mini 2 and Co.

The new Mini 3 Pro is way ahead of its predecessors in terms of performance, camera resolution, battery life and flight characteristics. If you don’t get it today, but are looking for a new mini drone from DJI in the short term and don’t want to dig so deep into your wallet, you should take a look at the forerunners of the new model like the DJI Mini 2 look at. Here the availability is better and the models are sometimes even reduced!

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