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Gollum is cooking tomato sauce and Elon Musk is playing the trumpet in a jazz club: the surreal images that the KI DALL-E mini generates from simple sentences are going viral. But in addition to all the fun, the limits of the software reveal a basic social problem.

Captain Picard meets Elvis: DALL-E mini makes almost anything possible.

Photo: Screenshot DALL-E mini

A dachshund (finally) invents the perpetual motion machine, Elon Musk plays the trumpet, a sausage opens a supermarket: no matter how absurd the idea – the AI ​​graphics generator DALL-E mini turns it into a picture.

The tile-like pictures are going viral on social media, everyone wants to try the DALL-E mini. What’s behind it? How does it all work? And: What is that supposed to mean? It quickly becomes clear: the software is not just an example of the possibilities of machine learning and is a lot of (Dada) fun. Rather, it shows a social problem and the limits of artificial intelligence, which the programmers even point out themselves. But more on that later.

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