Coalition agrees on expansion of green energies

“We unleash solar energy”
Coalition agrees on expansion of green energies

The traffic light government will focus on renewable energies in the future. Above all, the bundled package includes more space for solar and wind power plants. For enforcement, the SPD and the Greens are responding to the numerous demands of the FDP.

The coalition factions in the Bundestag have agreed on a massive expansion of green energy. Various laws are intended to create the basis for a long-term, climate-neutral power supply. The last differences in the so-called Easter package by Economics Minister Robert Habeck from the Greens were cleared up in the parliamentary process. The package had previously been passed in the cabinet and discussed in the Bundestag, but the FDP had called for a number of changes.

The agreement will now ensure that the EEG green electricity levy, which was reduced to zero on July 1, will be permanently abolished, said FDP parliamentary group Vice President Lukas Köhler. “The financing of renewables via the electricity bill is finally history.” According to dpa information, the goal of achieving a climate-neutral electricity system by 2035 has also disappeared from the drafts. The FDP had demanded that this be deleted.

SPD parliamentary group leader Matthias Miersch said: “Finally we’re not just talking about goals, we’re also making sure that we achieve them.” For example, it has been anchored that each federal state must make around two percent of its area available for wind power. “This is a clear signal that the expansion of renewables now has top priority.” Köhler emphasized that each state can decide for itself how to achieve the area target, so minimum distances to residential buildings are still possible.

The target area of ​​two percent designated area for wind turbines on land has not yet been achieved by the vast majority of countries. The Green parliamentary group leader Julia Verlinden explained: “We are unleashing solar energy and making sure there is enough space for more wind turbines.” By 2030, the share of green electricity will be increased to 80 percent. “After years of being blocked by the Union, we are now paving the way for renewable energies.”

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