Whether friend or foe, artificial intelligence could decide in China in the future. An institute has developed an AI to analyze people’s loyalty to the country’s Communist Party. There is talk of an “intelligent ideology” that is supposed to be recognized, among other things, by the face.

China: Artificial intelligence to recognize party loyalty

It sounds like a description from George Orwell’s dystopian classic “1984”: According to media reports, researchers at the Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center have presented an artificial intelligence that is completely in the service of the ruling Chinese Communist Party stands. The AI ​​is said to be able to read facial expressions about the relationship between people and the unified party.

The system, described as “intelligent ideology” with “emotionally intelligent computing”, is also intended to analyze EEG measurements and skin conductivity, very similar to controversial lie detectors. According to the researchers, it can be seen from the result whether the examined person “thanks to the party”. It is said that it can also be determined whether she obeys the party’s demands and follows the leadership (source: Radio Free Asia).

If the result is negative from the point of view of the party, then people could be prescribed a “political education”.. According to reports from human rights organizations, China already runs re-education camps in which people with characteristics undesirable to the state are housed.

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Nightmare AI: Video quickly disappeared

The Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center published the results of its work on the Chinese network Weibo at the end of June. A short time later were Article and accompanying video disappeared again. Even before the deletion, Radio Free Asia was able to make a copy and translate the text into English.