China: AI system fixes power outages in seconds

Thanks to a new AI system, power outages in China are fixed in a few seconds – without any human intervention.

the essentials in brief

  • Artificial intelligence fixes power outages in China in just a few seconds.
  • Such a process usually takes up to ten hours.
  • The new system was tested in a housing estate for a month.

No more power outages? This could soon become a reality in China. A new AI system is currently being tested in the country, which can fix any faults within seconds. By way of comparison, such a process normally takes up to ten hours.

“Almost no more failures”

With the new artificial intelligence, human intervention is no longer necessary, reports the South China Morning Post. In the event of a failure, the system starts a so-called «self-healing function». This means: “Fault location, fault isolation and restoration of the power supply” happen automatically.

This will save a lot of time, a senior engineer told the newspaper. Because while humans first have to analyze the error code in the event of a power failure, the AI ​​“understands” the message behind it immediately.

Is artificial intelligence doing more harm than good to humanity?

The new system has now been tested for a month in a residential community in the Xinjiang region – with success. “Now there are almost no more failures. The power comes on as soon as it goes out and doesn’t affect life and work in any way,” says a local resident. And according to the engineer, the service will soon be available across China.

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