Cell phone shop burglary leads police to missing person

Cell phone shop burglary leads police to missing person

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On Friday night, the police arrested three suspected burglars in Zehlendorf. And this mission immediately put her on the trail of two missing 16-year-olds.

According to witnesses, three young people are said to have smashed the windows of a mobile phone shop in the Onkel-Toms-Hütte underground station around 1.45 a.m. and stole two mobile phones and headphones from the windows.

The suspected thieves are said to have fled in the direction of Wilskistrasse. Shortly thereafter, police forces provisionally arrested three 16-year-olds in Onkel-Tom-Straße.

During the arrest, the stolen goods from the mobile phone shop were found and confiscated by the emergency services.

As a result, those arrested were taken to police custody and processed for identification purposes. According to the police, the suspects are already known for the same crimes in the past.

And: Two of the 16-year-olds were also reported as missing. The trio was handed over to the police. The investigations are ongoing.


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