Bitwarden: Web Vault revised

Bitwarden: Web Vault revised

The Bitwarden password manager is very popular. This is no coincidence: most functions are free and Bitwarden can also be self-hosted. The recently presented innovations now revolve around Vault and should also pave the way for new functions. Bitwarden has therefore simplified and streamlined the user interface. According to Bitwarden, various feedback from the community was taken into account. This should make managing vault objects more intuitive and making it easier to change account settings.

Vaults can now be filtered by ownership. You can filter by your own vault (My Vault), by members of an organization, or search all vaults. Ownership is communicated via a new column. Accordingly, the superfluous “Organization” card on the right side has been removed.

Reports are now highlighted in the main navigation. A new security page is making its way into account settings. This is intended to simplify access to vaults and account security.

Subscriptions, payments and billing are now also grouped together in a separate area in the settings. Administrators can now seamlessly access the management tools from any page in the Web Vault. The “Organization” has been moved to the top navigation level, which is hidden from normal users for the sake of simplicity.

The new user interface should also be easier to manage organizations. In the future, further updates will also be made here and the relationships between objects and collections as well as users and groups will be better highlighted:

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