The PdM platform monitors key machine parameters and identifies signs of imminent overload. (Image: Arrow)

Arrow Electronics has entered into an agreement with Senseye, an Industry 4.0 company specializing in AI-enabled predictive maintenance. As part of this agreement, which applies to the EMEA region, both companies bring an AI and machine-based solution designed for industrial companies Learning-based solution for machine monitoring and predictive maintenance with pre-configured hardware to the market. The solution sends machine data to the Senseye PdM platform in Microsoft Azure and uses the Azure IoT Hub service for data ingestion.

Senseye thus becomes part of the Arrow ecosystem and provides the cloud software and the associated application expertise, while Arrow contributes preconfigured hardware kits for data transmission from the edge area and supplements the offer with hardware support. The PdM platform can be integrated into both new and existing machine infrastructures. By closely monitoring key parameters such as current and vibration, the platform captures machine health and identifies signs of impending overload and derating. The solution provides access to status information of all assets and enables the development and analysis of models that provide actionable insights into machine health.


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