Amazon Prime is becoming significantly more expensive: This is how you can still secure the old price

All those who already have a premium subscription to Amazon and pay the fee annually cannot delay the increase in price. Whether you pay more on the key date or only from the end of September or October depends on when your subscription begins. Because according to Amazon, the new price will only be due with the first payment after September 15th.

  • This means: If you took out your subscription on the 20th of a given month, you will pay the higher price from September 20, 2022. If you have decided on the 12th of a month for a Prime subscription, you will only pay for the new tariff on October 12, 2022. You can find the details of your payment period in your Amazon account.

It is different with Prime members, who have been so far monthly for your membership to count. They can benefit from the old price for longer by switching from the monthly model to the annual subscription.

You can make the change in your account overview. Proceed as follows in your Amazon profile:

  1. Tap on the menu item My account,
  2. go connect to the tab Prime,
  3. and then up change payment settings.

Choose the annual tariff and, like new customers, only pay the higher price next year.

Extrapolated, you can save a total of 250.80 euros within the next 12 months with the tariff change if you change your payment cycle from monthly to annually before September 15th.

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