Alphacool Apex: New thermal paste with high 17 W/mK

Alphacool Apex: Neue Wärmeleitpaste mit hohen 17 W/mK

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Alphacool launches a new thermal compound. The product, called Apex, has a thermal conductivity of 17 W/mK, which is high for a paste that is not based on liquid metal. According to the manufacturer, it just surpasses its own Alphacool Subzero and the Phobya NanoGrease Extreme.

The two products mentioned are each specified with 16 watts per meter and Kelvin (in short W/mK) as a common unit of measurement for the thermal conductivity of materials.

Based on these values, Alphacool can say that the Apex with 17 W/mK “joins the circle of the most powerful thermal compounds on the market“ lines up. However, this only applies to the pastes that are not based on liquid metal, because these even achieve values ​​of over 30 W/mK, with the Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut probably currently having the highest value at 73 W/mK.

Thermally conductive pastes with more than 16 W/mK
Thermal paste with more than 16 W/mK (image: miser)

In practice, however, the advantages in terms of the temperatures of the chips to be cooled are not nearly as great as the advertised differences in thermal conductivity initially suggest. Ultimately, the effectiveness of cooling the CPU, GPU or memory chips depends on other factors; For example, the viscosity and the thickness of the layer or the contact pressure of the attached cooler also play a role.

For high contact pressure

According to Alphacool, in the development of the Apex thermal paste, in addition to the primarily targeted increase in thermal conductivity, “Points such as viscosity and durability are not neglected“. The viscosity achieved isparticularly suitable for high contact pressures“, let yourself nevertheless “easy to process“. No information is given on durability.

Alphacool Apex thermal compound with 17 W/mK

Alphacool Apex thermal compound with 17 W/mK

Alphacool Apex thermal compound with 17 W/mK

Alphacool Apex thermal compound with 17 W/mK

As the main component of the thermal paste, Alphacool calls a “Nano powder with a very low thermal impedance“. Only independent tests will show how well the product works in practice.

price and availability

4 grams of Apex thermal paste are supplied in a screw cap syringe. The amount should be formultiple applications“ are enough, which is also desirable at a price of at least 14.99 euros (RRP). It should be available in the manufacturer’s online shop from June 16, 2022.

The Alphacool Subzero is a bit cheaper, which costs just under 10 euros with 16 W/mK in the 3.5 gram syringe. The same amount of the Phobya NanoGrease Extreme costs around 11 euros.

The liquid metal paste Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut is available for around 9 euros per gram. Due to the conductivity of the liquid metal, however, great caution is required when using it. Conventional pastes are also easier to process.

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