13 useful websites for everyday life that I wish I had discovered much sooner

We all surf the internet day after day and over time we have found our own personal contact points. Sure, GameStar.de is a must anyway, we don’t have to tell you that! But there are also search engines, social media platforms, streaming portals and news, both local and international, which we use on a regular basis.

But it’s worth thinking outside the box! Because in the vastness of the Internet there are countless websites that can make your digital life easier. But trying yourself makes you smart. That’s why I put on my explorer’s cap, whistled the Indiana Jones theme and set off into the virtual jungle to test some secret pearls for you.

Soren Diedrich

For hardware editor Sören, the internet is no longer as exciting as it was in the early days of AOL, but he still loves to browse the web from time to time without a fixed goal. He regularly finds new pages that he finally wants to introduce to you. You may already know some of them, but hopefully others could also enrich your everyday life.

Of course you can use all the websites presented here use free of charge and without registration. Just take a look and see if there’s something for you!

What awaits you:

Every Time Zone – Never lose track of time zones again

UTC, PDT, EDT?  Don't worry, this website provides clarity at a glance!

UTC, PDT, EDT? Don’t worry, this website provides clarity at a glance!

Do you know that too? You see an international date and time, say an upcoming game announcement, and you think: That’s all well and good, but what time is it with me? So far I have always marked the spot in the text and tried Google. But there is an even easier way:

On the Every Time Zone website, you can not only immediately check the current time in the most common formats such as PDT, EDT and UTC, you can also use the slider to jump to other parts of the day. Thanks to the timeline, you never lose track.

File Pizza – Send files directly without buffering

Mjam, when you visit File Pizza, you get an appetite right away!

Mjam, when you visit File Pizza, you get an appetite right away!

The name of the website not only sounds delicious, but also describes the operator’s idea quite well: Here you can exchange files with other people directly via peer-to-peer connection, without intermediate storage on a server – just as fresh as one Pizza.

File Pizza is therefore always particularly useful if you want to exchange particularly private files and have no worries about them circulating in the vastness of the Internet. I recently sent some holiday photos and videos with it and was pleasantly surprised by the transmission speed.

is this trustworthy The project is run by two developers and can be viewed on Github thanks to the open source concept. If you want to support this idea, you can do so by making a donation.

My Maps – Create your own maps on Google Maps

My Maps allows you to create your own maps for all kinds of occasions.

My Maps allows you to create your own maps for all kinds of occasions.

Okay, here I am for some of you late to the party, but I really didn’t know. We are talking about My Maps, the sub-function of Google Maps to create your own maps based on the abundant satellite imagery.

In this (unfortunately fictitious) example, I found a suitable meeting place for a The Lord of the Rings watch party within a few minutes, naturally including matching cosplays, and highlighted it on the map with a marker. You can also place comments, show and hide elements on the map as you wish, and of course share the end result with friends and family at the touch of a button!

Midomi – identify songs without registration or browser add-on

Midomi is reminiscent of Shazam, but doesn't require you to register or install an app.

Midomi is reminiscent of Shazam, but doesn’t require you to register or install an app.

You hear a song that you like, but don’t know what it’s called or who the artist is? If you think of the online service Shazam when you think of this problem, you are not wrong at all.

Because the Midomi website fulfills exactly the same purpose, but has what I think is a great advantage: you can start identifying your piece of music immediately, without installing a browser extension or an app on your smartphone.

How well does it work? I played five songs from different bands and they were correctly recognized within a few seconds each time. You will then also see sources such as Amazon Music or Spotify, as well as the lyrics.

Ninite – Save a lot of work on reinstalling Windows

On Ninite you have a whole range of programs to choose from.

On Ninite you have a whole range of programs to choose from.

Reinstalling Windows isn’t exactly a fun pastime anyway – well, for me it is, but I’m not all that cupped in the closet either. But so far I had to manually download and install all the standard programs like Steam, Discord, the browser of my choice and the like.

Until now – because the Ninite website does a lot of work for me and saves a lot of time that I can put to better use elsewhere. I simply select which programs I need with a mouse click. The website then creates an installer for me that automatically downloads and installs the entire package in the latest version.

Windows? But I have a Mac! No problem either, because this service is also available for owners of an Apple computer, under the name Macapps.

AlternativeTo – Let free software alternatives be selected

203 Alternatives to Reddit?  It's worth browsing!

203 Alternatives to Reddit? It’s worth browsing!

Software is a dime a dozen, but which ones are good and ideally free? Apart from LibreOffice, is there really no significant alternative to Microsoft Office? Do I really only have the choice between Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge? The AlternativeTo website answers such explosive questions for me.

Here I simply enter the name of the program for which I would like alternatives suggested, and within a few seconds the hits are listed for me. The search algorithm works on the basis of reviews, recommendations and comments from users who have registered on the platform.

That was far from it! I have other website recommendations on page 2 this article ready for you.

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